Monday, February 15, 2010

And The Mango's Heart Was Ripped Apart

By Sadho Ram

The joint-gimmick and its much publicised propaganda, that of our ‘bloodthirsty old neighbour’ Pakistan’s and of our very own diplomatic (read- coward) government, though a major success among the fools of sophisticated (but ignorant) and elite class, is now finding a place to hide itself from all those particular few Mango’s eyes who are forced to shed tears and mourn on the dream shattering death of their dear little Mangos. The ones bubbling with hopes and zest were bombed on the eve of St. Valentine’s death anniversary.

But does the same damn ‘sophisticated and elite class’ really care?


Coz’ it simply ain’t their thing.

To care about LIFE is one thing they have not been taught in that schooling system where they were so passionately taught about how to market themselves and their propagating views through the sticky label of age old exaggerated culture and heritage in the name of spreading the so called LUST & PEICE ...err I mean LOVE AND PEACE with that nation who has the tendency to stab in the chest as it is this ‘pure’ rotten blood which runs inside their vein which has ‘masterfully’ demented their soul and have cemented only one thing inside their ‘Jihadian’ head – ‘to stop the ever increasing, world alarming, earth threatening, space consuming freaked out population of the Indians.’

Yes, that’s what I think. Seriously!

See, they, the gory-whory Pakistanis, are worried over our freaked out population which seems to be fighting for the top spot in the world’s highest population category and so their worry is very much justified as it is their country, the same gory-whory Pakistan, which has the potential threat of losing its ‘Independent status’ to our crooked Country.

Not getting what I am telling?

Well, now pay attention as I am not going to explain it over and over again.

According to my reliable Mango in “Board of Control for Population in India” (BCPI) it has been stated that the BCPI are planning a scheme to grab the top spot in WHP category and they can only do this if they overtake the Pakistan and re-merge it with our Nation so to have more physical land space so that our Country can keep that coveted spot for much longer than it can now with its limited ‘India’ only land space. And that scheme requires an uncontrolled birth-rate of Mangos among the Indians... but somehow the information got leaked out and our ‘Oh-so-sorry-gory-whory’ neighbour got hold of it. Now the only possible way that seemed fast and feasible to them to stop the Bloody BCPI from maligning their ‘Pak’ Country by re-merging it to ours is by – ‘Bombing the bloody deceiving Indian Mangos.’ And so the Mangos in Pune were perished. So the Indian media should refrain itself from blaming Indian Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba for the blasts which ripped apart the many Mangos heart as it is this BCPI and their unsafe security system which should be blamed and paraded instead.

Now did you get it? If still not then go to Pakistan and find -

He will erase all the foggy confusion from your head and guide you towards the path of True Jihad.

A very informative Article by the superlative Mangoes