Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mango Dream!

By Sadho Ram

The vibrant skin of the state government goes pale, the animated bones of the babus of the state starts to shiver, the ‘so called’  rainbow spirit of the ‘Bombayait’, ‘Mumbaikar’ (or whatever it is called) die and the underrated ‘Mangos’ are left alone to cry as each time the Shiv ‘say-na’ to anything and everything that they think is immoral and un-Marathi or for that matter damaging the world famous, superbly illustrious and overwhelmingly generous image of their (yes, as claimed by them) Mahan-rashtra.

Now whether its Shah Rukh khan, a Bachchan (not necessarily the Bachchans) eating a Bihari paan, a movie named My Name Is Khan, or the Courageous service of the NSG Jawaan.

Anything is simply not enough for them. And it’s not surprising considering the fact that ‘nothing has been ever enough for the idiots of any kind in any part of the world’ and so is the case with these parties with idiotic ideologies of regional politics who has only one single agenda- “To spread hatred among the already hate-loving and hateful people of the country” -who goes breaking, destroying and vandalising anything ‘breakable’ that meets their eye.

Well, of course, it has to face the wrath. Of course, it has to be condemned and of course, it has to be labelled as damned. Of course, it has to. Yes, according to them, it must have to.
I don’t remember who said this (but I remember it was an Indian who did, well, it was me then, probably) that-

‘Ours is a Country of hypocrites... bloody two faced people with even bloodier two faced ethics.’

It pains, trust me, it really does to foresee the shattered future of the Country, to see it burn into cinders, to witness its glory being eaten by these ‘termites’ and turn into dust. It pains a lot.

But of what value is my pain to ‘them’?

Zero. Nil. Zilch. None. Nothing.

Yes, that’s what is the value of My, Yours and Ours pain to ‘them’.

They care for their greed for money, power and double-meaning politics and they won’t spare anyone who dares to ‘bark’ or ‘howl’ at them. Not even the so called Marathi ‘Mangos’ for whose dreams they seem to be fighting. For example, they didn’t think twice before slapping (verbally) Sachin Tendulkar, who by caste happens to be a Marathi Mango or Lata Mangeskar (she, too, is a Marathi Mango) and there are many similar cases and instances where ‘these’ self-proclaimed owner of this Mahan-Mango-State has tortured, abused and hanged the people who have dared to even ‘hiss’ at them, forget the barking and howling. No, it didn’t matter to them that those Mangos too, were Marathi. The very part of the same Marathi ‘Mangos’ for whose ‘owned’ rights they have taken birth into this Mahan-Mango-rashtra of this Neech-world so that they can project it, guide it and then lead them into the darkness of... err... I’m sorry; really, I’m sorry from ‘mann se’... I meant, into the lightness of ... well, whatever it is that they think it is.

Well, I guess, I have said enough. So I would like to end it here, well, of course, with one last thought. It’s just that it has been boiling inside my head from last few weeks.

As these ‘Shiv Maniacs’ ...err, I mean ‘Shiv Sainics’ and “aM-aN-asS” are always so keen and eager to demolish the state property and kill country Mangos then why not allot them the task they master so brilliantly. Like these days there’s too much construction work is going on in and around the Mahan-Mango-rashtra where big and huge and giant machines are being use to demolish the old buildings so to build the new ones in their place. The government is spending thousands and millions of rupees for it so why not let the ‘... Maniacs’ and the ‘... asS’ do it. As it will not only save the huge government fund but will also cut down heavily on the ever increasing global warming.


Well, these ‘... Maniacs’ and the ‘... asS’ unlike their counterparts (the big and huge and giant machines) don’t require any kind of fuel or gas to run or operate to destroy and demolish. And then ‘these’ two great parties will also be able to boast about their own ‘Mango-power’ except that this time the whole Country will give them a toast.

What an amazing idea, right? Everybody will be happy and then we all can turn idiots and sing “Aal Izz Well, Aal Izz Well.”

Well, I hope the Mango with the real power reads this and creates a committee which will domesticate the ‘... maniacs’ and the ‘... asS’ and then save the Country from needlessly spending its precious fund on machines by allotting ‘them’ instead and the World from the threats of Global warming by reducing the consumption of ever decreasing fuel and gas. Amen!

Article by a Mango among the other Mangoes