Monday, April 19, 2010

Angad Bhadwa Singh- a so called fashion photographer!

By Sadho Ram

Note:- The author is (Firstly) not sorry and (Secondly) would be delighted if the article hurts the so called bloody sentiments of anyone, who considers himself/herself a well wisher of Angad ‘Bhadwa’ Singh. To hell with them and to hell with their sentiments.


My late (for the world) great (for me) father used to say –

‘This world, son, is full of crooks, bloody blood sucking crooks devoid of morals and ethics of any kind.’

I doubted him.

Not because I did not had faith in what he said but because I, at that time, had not been face-to-face with the world and the kind of people he was talking about.\

I was 14 then. A sweet little and a bit innocent boy, who liked to play carom and dreamt of beating his own father (though he never succeeded in doing so), as his father was poisoned to death by a bunch of crooks, portraying as his so-called-political friends.

The little and a bit innocent boy then learnt the reality the harsh way that, ‘no matter how good you are. You are bound to get screwed by the people you trust.’

Okay, enough of this emo-philo lecture on ethics and morals and sayings from past from my late Baap.

Now, if you will then allow me to rip apart the cloths (first) and skin (later) of Angad ‘Bhadwa’ Singh, a so called fashion photographer in lokhandwala-andheri region, Mumbai.

I met him through a ‘link’ on 14th march at a restaurant named ‘Sabri’ in Lakshmi Industrial area of Andheri west region, regarding work related to ‘image editing’, the ‘link’ being my friend Mustafa Sathalia, who knew Angad ‘Bhadwa’ Singh through a female-friend of his, named Isha Nigam.

We met, we talked and then we entered into a verbal agreement of working together on monthly basis. My job was to do ‘only’ image editing for his photos and the amount which he offered me was so less that it’s not even worth mentioning it here. He said I will have to work on 5-6 shoots per month each shoot containing 30 photos, which means I had to edit his 150-180 images per month. I agreed on his terms and on his conditions and started working for him from that day onwards. So starting from 14th March 2010 to 14th April 2010, I worked for him. I worked for him day and night (which was not what on we two had agreed) but I did not complain. I kept on doing the work for him, even taking payments from his clients, delivering materials, getting his photos print, and other ode jobs, (jobs which I was absolutely not supposed to do for him).

To say, I had become his ‘pimp’. Doing all sort of works which he asked me to do for him, working day and night continuously.

But I did, irrespective of the fact that he, Mr. Angad ‘Bhadwa’ Singh, did not had any morals nor did he respect others, always hurling abuses for no reasons at all (did not even spare the good-old auto-walas and the security gaurds).

What is even worst that he calls himself a photographer but depends entirely on Photoshop, as he thinks that you only need a good camera and photoshop to become a good photographer.

He would call me during ode hours, like late in the night and would ask to meet for some silly reasons (would say he wanted to talk to me about how to use the software or he wanted to show me my mistakes). I am a Certified Photoshop Artist (if you have no idea what that is then you can google it), I don’t know what the hell he knew that I didn’t about the software which I have been literally breathing in and out daily from last 5 years?

He, apart from not respecting anyone, didn’t respect or valued other’s time. He would fix a meeting and then would never come, worse wouldn’t even inform that he isn’t coming. He did this to me for like one week and one day when I lost my cool and confronted him he simply said SORRY and started laughing, as if making fun of me. I decided that after the month gets over, I would not work for him. By now 15 days had passed by and I had edited his more than 130 images.

If he values anything then it is only money, and that too, only his. If its other’s money then to hell with them. Every Photo Printing lab in Andheri west region is after him for their pending payment, but he simply refuses to pay them (Says he doesn't owe anyone any money instead its them who did bad jobs for him).

Bloody bullshit, I have seen their works, their prints, if something goes wrong, they themselves don’t charge for it. I then started enquiring about him from the people who have worked for or with him previously, and then I came to know that he had not cleared their dues, too. And to some who he had paid via cheque, it bounced. He reasons it by saying that, he was simply checking them. I asked whom, so he said his cheques, that if they bounced!

I was like, jaws-dropped, eyes wide open and in complete shock at the sheer stupidity of the Sardar. I thought to myself,-

“What dumbass reasoning by you, Mr. Angad ‘Bhadwa’ Singh!”

Now after one month and working on over 240 images for him (way above from what was talked and agreed), he is refusing to pay me, not even that he, without any shame, says I have not worked for him. I have people who, if needed, would go to extent to prove that how much I have worked for the Bastard. When I called him for my payment he refused to answer my call. He only answered my call when I messaged him that I am going to put his bloody name on the BLACKLIST page of the Facebook (it’s a page which fights against people like him). But even after that he was not ready to pay me instead started putting blame on me saying, I have spoiled his works, have not done satisfactory job. And that I shouldn’t be asking for money from him coz’ its he who have taught me to use the software and also that he has done a favour on me by helping in my writing carreer. I was shocked to hear him utter such bullshits. Says he has recommended my names to people for my writing. Bloody lier. I never asked him to help me in my writing field. And moreover,

‘Jo khud tukdo pe palta hai, wo mujhe kya khilayega
Main kya hoon main jaanta hoon, Arey Angad Bhadwe, tu mujhe kya banayega’

My last conversation with him ended with he abusing me to the point that he, in his false temper, actually abused the one who kept that ‘piece of shit’ in her womb for 9 months. I then thought to myself, that its useless to argue with the one could say something so sickening for his own mother, which equals her with the prostitutes of the world, then he can say anything to refute that he is not Bhadwa (a Bastard)!

P.S. Please check these links to see the images on which I have worked for him. I am only uploading few images but if need arrises than I can upload the whole set of photos to expose the Bastard’s so called photography.

P.S.S – So cheap he is that he kept my 4gb pen drive and now refuses to give. The beggars are better than him as they have that something called sense of begging in them.