Saturday, April 10, 2010


By Sadho Ram

'Yaar, Sadho, its been ages since you recited something.' – He spoke while the auto moved along with the light traffic. I shook my head in answer but remained silent. As I was not sure what to say.

(Happens whenever I am lost in something I don't understand.)

And he was indeed right that its been ages since I had recited anything but it has also been ages since I wrote anything (Read: Poem). Life sometimes plays funny games. Yeah, trust me its does. And in very un-funny ways.

Sometimes words just come pouring out and sometimes, no matter how hard I try, it just doesn't help. Head, sometime, feels as if has dried up, with no words or thoughts and only emptiness and migraine to cope up with.


There was already this loneliness which has been haunting since... I don't know how long and now this brand new migraine thing has popped up. Every now and then the head starts beating faster than the heart beats of a marathon runner. Vision gets blurred and even a slightest hiss of sound feels like a blast inside the head.

And its not like the thoughts have fully abandoned me. They do come, often is haste, but fades away as soon as they appear. The words, though tasteless, now seems to be losing there grace, too.

And so, nowadays, whatever I write, is always like that premature baby which dies as soon as it pops out of the mother's womb.

My poetry has suffered its most severe attack of migraine!

And though, in medical term, the effect of the migraine lasts from 4 to 72 hours but its been 'ages' since it has struck to the poet in me.

(All I do now is wonder... and wonder... and wonder, with no outcome of any sort.)

If only I could get this migraine off as easily I can damn this off, I would have…