Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let Me Be

By Sadho Ram

I did not bleed my finger-tips blue to help wake the human race up from its deep slumber. Let it be as it is, I shall not do any good to it and shall also not wish that it be good to me. But I do ask for one thing –

‘Do not yank me out of my grave.’

Let me be there as I want to be or else I shall disregard all my vows and bend the tip of my fountain pen in such a way that the ‘blue in colour and rebellious in nature’ blood oozing out of it shall go down to the very roots of this somnolent human race and blemish it so bad… it shall be void of hope and beyond any repairs.

O’ world, it was not you who had to put up with the throbbing for 9 longs months and it was also certainly not you who had to be out day and night, cold and in scorching heat to earn the bread and butter so that I could be raised.

No, it was not you, O’ greedy-greedy world, it never was you!

She was my Mother. He was my Father.

Then why do you seek me when all I am, what I am for no one but for them?
Then why do you blame me when all I do, what I do for no damn one but for them?
And why should I pen for you when each time that I do, I do it for no one but for them?

Forgive me not, O’ opulent world, for I anyway do not seek your mercy, but you shall stop me not from writing about the misery and treachery, despair and about being unfair, death and about fallen faith, about illusions you create, and lies which you propagate.

And if you promise to do so, than I might also pen for your false assumptions about all those things... things which you think needs propagation.

Till you obey by your promise…

‘Let Me Be’