Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Minority and Of Majority [and Special Treatment]

By Sadho Ram

A few days ago, Youth Ki Awaaz asked a very important question about giving special treatment to celebrities in regards of their auspicious visit to religious places.

My answer was in favour of it (and it still is). But before making your mind regarding anything, I will suggest that you read the entire piece.

Now be it the minority (celebrity) or the majority (common man), before being anything the people in these two inevitable categories of all time are human first, and as far as I remember, the saying that I’ve heard is goes something like this that “every human is equal in the eyes of God” and so the logical reaction would be that why should the minority be given special treatment and the majority, who actually is responsible for making the minority a minority (celebrity), be kept away from it?

But, this is not about being logical; it’s all about being a bit sensible. Yes, that’s all it’s really about and believe me (if only you want to) it is for a greater good.

And have you ever thought about this neglected phenomenon that refuses to inspire the majority in spite of its widespread success in not only inside our country but in every country worldwide, that ‘this’ is the only minority that receives such gigantic amount of love and (in some parts and cases) respect from the majority? Funny it is, but it’s also the sad part of that truth which we all fail to see.

Anyways, I will not indulge in any further observation so to give you the idea that I’m drifting away from the subject.

So, as we all know that how 'fond' we all are of ‘this’ minority class, and we literally 'rob' (and in some places) ‘rape’ the people from this class (not in the sense in which the ‘real’ minority classes are being raped and robbed) if we get a slightest of chance to even touch them.

For instance: A few days ago, a very prominent person of this class was shooting at my college premises in Mumbai and he was supposed to be there for about 3 and half days, but due to the extra dose of love that was showered onto him from the people of majority class that he wrapped up his shoot in 2 days and ran off, also cancelling the 1 hour special interaction with the college students that he was supposed to be part of.

And the people from majority class, instead of comprehending the situation, started blaming him. Why? Because he cancelled the time that he had promised he would give them. But why did he do that? What prompted him to cancel the special interaction that he himself had promised?

Well, nobody was in mood to think about all these sensible questions, because they were logically pissed that the one whom they love so much couldn’t understand their feelings. But did they try to understand that they did not let him ‘work’ and subsequently he was forced to do what he did. After all, he too, is a human being. Like them, he too, needs to work in order to earn his living. Now is he supposed to abandon all his work and start satisfying their wishes just because they love him?

We get to read, see on news in TVs as to what happens when the celebrities come out in public to either promote their film or do some social or personal work, and the above mentioned case is just one such example of it.

And a week ago there were reports that a very famous star and his bodyguards got into scuffle with public in Hyderabad city during the promotion of his latest Hindi flick. Now when a star is not sparred even when he is out to promote his film so we all can imagine the kind of ‘treatment’ he will get when he visits any religious place, which then invariably makes the question of special treatment for them necessary.

Here I am not suggesting that they should be treated specially just because they are celebrities, but not giving them an 'isolated' way OUT and IN can result in a lot of trouble for both, the public and the celebrity. Often times there have been cases of huge stampedes when a star comes out in public, and lots of people have lost their lives in many such cases, also causing damage to public property in their rage.

Now this may not go down well with few but if anyone from majority class is not comfortable with this idea of “giving special treatment to celebrities upon their visit to religious places” then they have to stop thinking that the celebrities are their personal gifted toy of joy, which they can 'hug' as tightly as they want to.

We are human, and so a little bit of sensitivity and a sense of giving space, if starts existing in us, (because we are human and these two characteristics can exists only in human) then there wouldn't be any need for any special treatment for anybody. Be it the people from minority or the majority.

Thank you for reading till here. Now you are free to think what you want to think. And I would love to know your thinking in the comment box below.