Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Joy of Giving!

By Sadho Ram

“Sometimes the joy of giving has the amazing potential to surpass even the most strongest of feelings known to human being. Because when you give, you love; and love, I’ve experienced in my life is the purest of emotion.” – Gulab Ram [1960 - May 14, 2004]

Time 21:55 [October 18]

I've never actually given anyone anything except that once I gave out my heart to a pretty looking girl, who later “respectfully” returned it to me, when my childhood buddy offered her his own. Anyways, that doesn't count. Though I’ve always had this feeling deep down inside that one day when I’ll give, it will be substantial in many aspects. And currently I’m having this intuition that the moment has come.

Time 23:46 [October 18]

I’m going to give. Yup, I’m finally going to give something, and this something, as felt by me, is quite substantial in its nature, as it is one of the main sources of life inside human body, in fact it’s something that our heart pumps throughout it’s time – blood.

I don’t know how to say this, but I’m kind of really excited. I know most of you might be thinking – “Dude, what’s there to be so excited about?” Well, may be the reason that it’s my first opportunity to give something to anyone, and when that something is the synonym of life itself then I think, it, indeed, is the very reason to be excited about.

I don’t know the person who needs my blood. But the person happens to be a friend of my Facebook friend Rizvi Amir, who was introduced to me by another Facebook friend.

I’ve always believed in the saying that – “Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always good.” So, when we, me and Rizvi, were introduced (without any particular reason), I immediately had this feeling, that it must be for a reason, which is not clear/known to us now, but when the moment will come, it will reveal itself. And see how it has unfolded itself.

A friend of Rizvi needs O Positive blood and Rizvi puts a request in his Facebook status asking if anyone is in his profile with this particular blood group. And call it co-incident or a cosmic conspiracy, I, who only few days ago became his friend via another friend, happen to be the one.

So, I’m expected at Tata Memorial Hospital (Bombay) around 09:00 and so I better get some sleep, as the Hospital is a bit far away from my place, and in the morning a tsunami takes place every day on the route (Vashi – Church gate) in which the Hospital falls (Parel).

Time 13:30 [October 19]

I can never, ever donate blood. I was tested positive for Hepatises B seven years ago, and thus my blood is not safe for others.

This was what I was told by the doctor who was questioning me. And the moment I heard it, believe it or not, I felt an strange kind of ache in my heart; an ache which I know will last till I last.

Time 18:40 [October 19]

When I came out of the room, I was feeling really sad, but then the one who needed my blood said – “You take care of yourself. You came here with good intention; intention to give something to someone whom you don’t even know, and that’s what really matters. It’s another thing that it didn’t materialise the way you had thought it will.” And other’s too, his wife, and my friend Rizvi Amir, and later my boss also said the same thing to me.

And coming to think of it now, I feel good inside that at least I had the right intention and went there with the heart to give, where there are people who, though completely capable of giving, mentally and physically, but never come out.

But then one thing is for sure that I will never experience that feeling, which in the word of my late father – “…has the amazing potential to surpass even the most strongest of feeling known to humans.”
I’m stripped off of that joy, even before I could have it.

About the person, who needed the blood, well, he has cancer and will be going through a major operation of Thursday. I hope, yes, that’s all I can do now, that everything goes well with him and that the operation be a successful one. I hope that when he comes out of that operation theatre on Thursday, he be gifted with a life, not only healthy but also prosperously long. I hope that he now not merely live, but also enjoy life to its fullest. Because somewhere in my heart I know that on Thursday, a new life will embrace him. A life, full of joy; joy of acceptance and humility towards others, and a life, full of love; love for life itself.

And, lastly, I also hope that all of you, who have come this far here, will also hope for him in the manner most hopeful for him.

Thank You