Wednesday, April 13, 2011


By Sadho Ram

Love for some is as complex as solving a mathematical solution and for some love is simply love, in another words, it is awesome. In my life till date, I’ve seen people either running after love or running away from love and then I’ve seen people walking together in love. This third kind is something that leaves behind everything and just clings to love. Not because they are desperate for it, not because there is nothing else except it, not even because it is everything but simply because love came naturally to them. As naturally as a seed, over a period of time, under the light and night, rain and heat and everything else, grows into a big tree which then either give fruits or flowers, but everything just naturally. Nothing was faked into it, nothing fake was needed in the first place, it all happens because it happens naturally.

As love, because above all, too, happens naturally. Now sometime it may take few months or years to happen and sometimes it just happens within minutes or maybe even seconds, but it happens nonetheless and it happens naturally.

And two people together, who even after fighting with each other, even after misunderstanding each other, and even after being hurt or unintentionally hurting each other, somehow, someway, at the end of the day, end up being still together is because in between everything that is there in them, there is also love in them, in between and for each other. It is because for two people together in love there is nothing above but just love and only love.

And if not for love, no two people can ever live together, no matter what. Love comes naturally and so it can’t be forced, and if did, it was never love. It was just something else which came hiding behind a masked lie in the name of love, and which will disappear as soon as the masked lie is caught or deciphered.

I am in love, and the one I’ve fallen for is equally (or maybe even more) in love with me. All I know is that we two are in love with each other. We go through a lot of misunderstanding; even hurt each other, unintentionally, (though I hurt her more, much more), and then there are some nasty verbal war between us which happens in our moment of rage but nowhere in all this while we ever forget that we two are in love with each other and that there is love in between us.

It happens not because we two are not right or whatever for each other, but because there is love and where there is love there’s bound to be madness in it. It, the madness, can either be of extreme kind or it can just be in its most sublime form. But madness has to be there, because if not for madness, the love won’t seem love, the love won’t survive love, and the love won’t end up being all above.

But at the end of the day, as my elder sister Richa rightly puts it, they, the two people together in love, should remember that they love each other. That above all there is love in between them and that it is love which is keeping them together for each other. And after a fight or misunderstanding they have got to come back to each other for their love, that love which brought them close and that love which, over the period of time, will bring them closer and closer.

So you are with her and she is with you not because of anything else, but because of love and only love.

Because… love is above all!