Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rest In Peace, Father...

By Sadho Ram

"I wish I had not cremated him, instead buried him. That way I could have at least wished that he would rise from his grave and come and see that his son, whom he loathed, is not that worthless today as he had said once on his son’s face."

I wish you would rise and see that today your name is known after me, my name, which I, your worthless son, have made your this particular dream come true, that people around today know of your name because of me and my deeds.

Hello father,
I wish you could rise from your ashes and see that no one remembers your death nor do they remember the date on which you died, no one, except me, except your son. But don’t worry; I will make sure that the world does remember. So here it is, O'world, today, on 14th may 2004, my father – Gulab Ram Choudhary – breathed his last, exactly 7 years ago, tied to the hospital bed, he succumbed to the poison running in his veins along with the alcoholic blood.

Rest in peace, father, rest in peace.

And please forgive me for momentarily disturbing your sleep, but you see it was needed, or else how would I have told the goddamned world about you and your death anniversary, which sadly no one remembers, not even your own mother. But you see, I have to live up to you and your dreams, even though you are fucking dead, thanks to your good old friends.

Anyways, that was it, I have done my duty for today, have told the world that you died on 14th may 2004, exactly 7 years ago. I should now let you rest in peace and head towards that one person who doesn’t consider me worthless, she instead thinks that I’m perfect. Which again makes me wish that you would have survived longer enough to see that what kind of devastatingly comforting beauty have fallen for me, for that son of yours whom you considered nothing. But anyways, you rest in peace, just wanted to let you know that I’ve found my peace. It doesn’t actually matter now that you are not here, for I’m happy that you did not have to suffer longer than you already did. But see, that’s the thing it is, you would not have suffered had you loved my mother the way you did after she was gone. Trust me father, had you loved her before she died, you would have had a much better life. Much, much better!

But why the hell am I telling you all this, you are dead, right?... burnt into cinders, so then why?

I guess I’m just having a mighty good time by telling you what could your life had been, had you only realised what you did realise after it was too late to realise anyway. So, rest in peace, father, for I’ve made sure that people know a bit more about you, this time through your death anniversary.