Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Absurd but an Absolute Truth!

By Sadho Ram

Out of many absolutes, there is one absolute truth whose absoluteness can’t be denied, but then its absoluteness is also not accepted, it’s hanging in the middle, in the open thin air, without any support, not because it needs any, but solely because of the same reason that it doesn’t need any.

Yes, a truth can survive on its own without any support of any kind except the conviction of the living being born with the ability to think who has the honesty to accept it as it is.

It’s an absurd kind but then its absurdity is what which makes it absolute in its nature.

That – in this world – it’s not the men, no matter what, who get used, it’s the women. One way or the other, whether physical or emotional, out of choice or due to circumstances, it’s always the women. It has been women, it is women and, I say it without any vested interest or hidden motive, that it will be women.

And that is one truth men don’t want to accept and women don’t want to believe. Not because they don’t really want to, but because they lack what it takes to accept a truth and what it also takes to believe a reality. I’m not going to put that word here. Because I know it won’t mean anything to those who know nothing about it and nor do they care do know anything about it. This is one word I know that have been used just as like women all over the world have been and are being used.

But I know a few rare living being born with the ability to think who has the honesty to accept things as they are and not put label on them with a veiled interest or motive of any kind. And they are the ones who have kept the truth, of any kind, alive still.

At times, I’ve wondered, with great amount of a grief unknown to me and an undirected compassion towards anyone, as to why we – the human being – who were supposed to be the most virtues have turned out to be nothing but a mere bunch of vultures eyeing to feed ourselves and our hunger on others weakness and their circumstantial need for us? Why? But never, not once, I’ve come to any rational conclusion of any kind anywhere.


And I don’t think that I will ever reach to any rational conclusion ever over this. But that won’t take away what is there, the truth – the absolute, absurd truth – that the one’s getting used are not men but women. And not just in the hands of men but also in the hands of women.