Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Greatest Fear

By Sadho Ram

Our greatest fear has got nothing to do with our belief that the person or the people we love are in return hating us.

In fact, our greatest fear DOES NOT even get born from the fact that the person or the people we love may in return NOT LOVE US at all. As our love for others or even for someone special doesn't need their assurance that we are being loved in return (although we seek it regardless of the fact).

That we may end up all alone, that we might have nothing or no one to rely upon, that no one will remember us after we are gone, that we may never be good enough in our life or in our attempt for someone are all but part of a general idea of fear. The whole sum of them even does not amount to our greatest fear.

In reality our greatest fear IS THE IDEA or THE BELIEF that FORMS the EMOTIONAL PREMISE of loss and hurt that the person or the people we love and care about the most, may in return one day will NOT ONLY stop acknowledging us and our feelings but somewhere down the line even REFUSE US their VERY HATE, which they otherwise express or feel for things or people they do not like or have in some way hurt them or their feelings.

We live our life, breathing the greatest fear known to mankind, in frightened faith that there might never be such a day in our life, that there might never come that hopeless day in our journey where we might have to witness the greatest fear known to mankind - the utter refusal of any emotion or feeling of those people or the person towards us who we love and care about.