Monday, May 7, 2012

A Comment on The People of My Nation and Their Views on Aamir Khan for His Debut TV Show 'Satyamev Jayate'

By Sadho Ram

I just watched SATYAMEV JAYATE on YouTube, had missed out on it yesterday. I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about it; some good and some bad as expected (for their common dislike for Aamir Khan and whatever he does). I didn't want to say anything about it till I saw. Now that I have, I do have a bit to say, although not entirely about the show itself, but about the people who have been targeting Aamir without much thinking and consideration and calling him all sorts of names and stuff.

On twitter, there's this bunch of "filmy intellectuals" who were after him since the first promo of SATYAMEV JAYATE was aired. Calling it another one of Aamir Khan's self promoting propaganda and all sorts of other things  , trying to point out to others how old he is looking on the promos and how much overacting he is doing. People even went on to joke about the way the promos are made, that in "one promo is he eating, in another he is having tea, and now what's next? Will we see him doing what we all do in the morning?"

But even now, after the show is out, with such a burning issue affecting our society, some too-smart-for-their-own-good kind of journalists and people are trying to point it out to him (Aamir) that he shouldn't have used sensationalism in the very first episode, TV is gripped with the idea of earning more and more TRPs and so people resort to such ways to garner more publicity for their shows. They further go on to say that he shouldn't have shown the story about the woman from the Muslim community whose husband literally chewed off her face for not bearing him a male child. That now the Right Wing Hindu Fundamentalists will further more attack the Muslim community and call them backwards and all that, and the Muslim community will now be seen in more wrong light than right.

To all such people and whoever are supporting them, I've one thing to say :- ‘GO EAT YOUR OWN SHIT!’

As far as the show is concerned, it’s not about his method acting or how good he is at what he does. Hell, the show is not even about him. It’s primarily about the issues affecting our society at large. He is just someone who being in a place, where people usually don’t actually bother about such issues and choose to ignore them and live their life happily forever, has choose to come out and speak about them to the nation at large. He is just a medium who is trying to bring the burning issues affecting Indian society to public eye and make them realize where they are going wrong or what needs to be done in order to make things right.

Have some decency, my fellow countrymen. Have some regard for a well intentioned effort. Have some respect for those rare few who actually bother to come out of their comfortable lives and try to make sense of things we sadly don’t seem to care about and make things right.

#Edited by: Rabia Mehta