Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Another Thought

By Sadho Ram

पोथी-पात्थर ढूँढता, क्यूँ भटके, ए राही |

राम तेरे अन्दर है, तुझमे समाया इलाही ||

Pothi-paatthar dhoondta, kyun bhatke, aye raahi..

Ram tere andar hai, tujhme samaya ilaahii.
To those who search for god.. whose life is a quest to find god out there.. I say.. leave the bibles and qurans and geetas and scriptures aside.. step away from the shadows of statues and symbols and signs.. step away before you lose yourself in the madness of this bottomless pit.. and look within.. look inside.. your mind.. your heart.. for if your belief is strong and if you do believe in him (or her?) then whoever that he (she?) is.. whether or not he (she?) is true in the sense of world and science will find him (her?) within you.. present inside your mind.

*Posted in general interest of mankind*