Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corruption Is You: Think About It

By Sadho Ram

Is there a way to corruption OR corruption is the way? In a basket full of apples, where only few are rotten, we don't call it a basket full of rotten apples, why do we then call a society, where not everyone is corrupt, a corrupt society?

Is it because 'Hamam Mein Sab Nange Hain' (We are all nude in Public Bath) OR is it because 'Hamam HAI Toh Sab Nange Hain' (We are all nude BECAUSE there exist a Public Bath)?

Are we corrupt because we are corruptible OR are we corrupt because we don't care? And if my neighbor is corrupt, does it make me one too? If yes, will I be addressed as a good person IF my neighbor is one too?

If a homeless has no way to feed his hungry child, and no one is ready to give him a job, if he then makes some money by posing as blind, therefore, fooling the public, is NOT corrupt, why then a super rich person wanting to be more rich, goes on to do his business as usual, therefore, maybe fooling the public, is MOST corrupt?

*The title of this post has been suggested by my friend, Anshul Tewari, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Youth Ki Awaaz

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Note on Atheism

By Sadho Ram

Atheism is not a religion. The basic premise of atheism is to reject the very idea/belief in the existence of god, any god.

So if you identify yourself as an atheist, you are opposing god/religion (which is right), because if not then you are not an atheist or perhaps do not clearly understand atheism.

Religion, which was made by us, and the notion of god are co-dependent, without one, the other can't exist.

An atheist will never believe in any of those two, because if he/she does, then the very purpose of atheism fails, the person who identifies himself/herself as an atheist fails, the realization, the awareness, the knowledge and the observation that led to the person declaring himself/herself as an atheist... FAILS!