Thursday, August 30, 2012

Remembering My Mother

By Sadho Ram

Saroj Devi, my mother!
12 years ago, today was the day, when surrounded by many a strange faces, a few stranger feelings and a wailing-like-a-child father, in the midst of cold August wind blowing calmly over the shaved off head of mine and graveyard dogs howling afar, and night sky covered with heavy clouds.. clouds seeming as if ready to burst.. pour.. come down, and those strange faces moving, changing shades.. shapes and chattering along the sides of Bhāgīrathī river at Jangipur town, I put fire in her mouth at the stroke of midnight while she lay, like a tired traveler after a long and tedious journey finally given a bed to rest, on her pyre made up of sandalwood logs.. and watched her body burn into cinders.. 12 years it's been today. And 12 years is a long time for a soul to wander. Hope her soul has found its place and now rests in peace!