Monday, October 1, 2012

... And So We Must Rise Before We Die A Death With Every Tock!

By Sadho Ram

Helplessness—of all the worst feelings in the world known to human beings out there—is the most worst of them all!

Helplessness—in the face of an apparent problem which one may know how to solve but is unable to—why—because the feeling of helplessness makes them feel just inadequate or plain hopeless!

Helplessness—that's what it does. No matter how strong a person maybe—this feeling—the helplessness makes a man incompetent.

Incompetent towards himself. Insufficient for himself. Insecure about himself.

And if untreated, left in the hands of fate and destiny, gradually but surely the very feeling of helplessness grows and grows like... cancer, YES, cancer, advancing, slowly but surely to its last stage—a stage from where there's no return!

It is then that this helplessness doesn't just remain merely what it is, it becomes something bigger, something more worse than worst of things, something so gigantic that when the realization hits us—the realization of this final stage of helplessness—we see nothing but foggy darkness, the line between reality and fantasy blurs, the emotions and feelings that may have kept us going—starts coming out in layers!

And with every tick we lose a breath and we die a death with every tock!

But wait, that's not the end of it—certainly not the end of us. We are better than that and we deserve better—much, much better!

It is now that we—the helpless, hopeless beings—shall rise—rise like a Phoenix rises from his ashes—no, not because life is a fairy tale but because life isn't a fairy tale. So, we must rise in the face of each adversary—no matter how Goliath-like they may appear at first, second, third or even at further sights—because there's a little David in every one of us—a David whose purpose is to discover itself within the self—and which can only be done in the face of Goliath-like adversaries.

Because no matter what—when the cause, the reason behind helplessness is realized or figured out—it can be stopped—much like the cancer if it's detected in the first stage!

Because there is nothing that can put us down but we—ourselves! Because there is no one out there who knows what it takes to wake up every morning even though we don't want to but we must because life is not a fairy tale because standing up for ourselves is the first stand we make because at the end of the day when we go back to bed that's what counts the most because those who don't stand up for themselves, certainly cannot stand for others because a house first must have strong foundation in order to sustain itself so that it can sustain a roof for others over its walls because... because we must first come first to us before others because in this life-long journey of constant adversaries it is us who won't desert us, who won't leave our side because whatever may be the circumstance—helplessness or hopelessness—cannot last forever—because they are not meant to because almost nothing ever last that long because all we need is to wake up, make a stand, face the problems whatever they maybe, look into its eye and say—enough is enough!