Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Another Rant

By Sadho Ram

Buniyad me hi 'gar kham ho phir imaarat to kya, ek deewar tak tik nahi sakti
(No building or even a wall can sustain itself when the very foundation itself is weak then)
...and that is what's wrong with me.. you.. us... sabke saath bas ek yahi toh chij hai jo galat hai!

Our ethics are crooked, morals are twisted (at least mine are) and we're talking about upliftment of the oppressed while oppressing so many in ways we don't even care to think about, emancipation of women while enslaving the very women who're in our life, eradication of corruption while contributing to the corrupt lot in ways we don't want to talk about, and what-not!

And so a bit righteously...
Mere desh-bhakton ki aisi sajjanta se mujhe meri makkaari jyada sachi lagti hai.
(I find my trickery/treachery more honest than the holiness of my country-loving proud people)

To be very blunt, the people who talk about equal rights and respect are the most treacherous of the lot out there that I have come across! And so, as Basir Badr saab says:

"Behad sharif logon se kuchh faasla rakho!"
Keep the very noble/highborn at some distance

and to add to his philosophy, here's my bit: sharafat se jyada kamini koi chij nahi
...because there is nothing more lowly than nobleness