Friday, October 26, 2012

Me, Facebook And The Profile Of My Dead Brother..

By Sadho Ram

Yesterday, I suddenly came across the Facebook profile of my dead cousin, who got electrocuted a few months back. He was only 14. He was sweet and a nice kid. Very adorable! He was studying in a city away from the village, and had come to the village to get his papers for some exam, and was about to leave on the night when his mother, my maternal aunt, asked him to say a day more, and so he stayed.

He got electrocuted the very morning when he stepped inside the bathroom to take a bathe and tripped over the wet floor along with the bucket full of water and electric heater attached to the plug. When I got the news, I was out with Blue, shopping. My sister had called to give me the news. I later came to know that he didn't want to bathe that early in the morning, but as his mother had other things to do, so she wanted him to get fresh and ready for breakfast.

That poor woman, my sister said, kept blaming herself. His father.. he did not believe even though he held in his arms the lifeless body of his youngest son, whom we all fondly called Raanu!

I never called his parents to share their grief, never made even a attempt to do so. I did cry. But I don't know why I didn't just called them up and say sorry for their loss! They were there when I lost my parents, they were there when I had lost almost everything in the past! But still I didn't .. I just couldn't do so much as to make a single call.

The reason I'm sharing this, is because I had almost forgotten about him but coming across his profile on Facebook yesterday, just threw me back to that day and all those memories of him just overwhelmed me.

Life is so short, we never realize what or who we might just lose in an instant!

I haven't still called them up. After all these months, I am not sure if it's the right thing to do. Moreover, I no longer know what is right or wrong. I just think that maybe I should just let them continue to think that I do not care or I've forgotten everything, even though I haven't actually.

Maybe it's just that people are better off without me or my presence in their life!