Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Come From Far Away Lands..

By Sadho Ram

...where the fields were green and mountains stood tall, where the winds blew like a virgin's shawl, where loneliness never crossed a rambler's path, where the sun played hide & seek with silvery clouds, where stars shone bright and moon never missed its 'stride', where people had a penchant for the 'lives of others', where the doors stayed open, and where someone always waited on the windows, where at times fathers stayed in and mothers went out, where Bhabhis 'played' with their Devars before they were 'touched' by their husbands, where it wasn't taboo to talk about sex, where no child was trafficked, where no women was raped, where murders didn't happen, where riots never took place because religion didn't exist, where love had a fountain and hate had a grave of its own, where people were people and not walking zombies, where culture was celebrated instead of egos, where friends existed, where life mattered, where relationships were build instead of buildings, in the mornings where birds sang and light danced to its tune, where a Kabuliwala always roamed the lanes and kids ran after him, where evenings were spent listening to Nani's tales, and the darkness of nights brought long-lost friends together, where warmth was shared under the open sky and palms rubbed in quick motion to whisk away the cold...

..and which makes me wish if only there existed a place like this, if only!