Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm a Sucker for a lot of things..

By Sadho Ram

...and cinema happens to be on top of the list! Good, bad, it doesn't matter how a particular film is, I've got to watch it. And not just Hindi or English films, I watch films in language I don't understand a shit about and that too without the subtitles (in case I have to when I don't find subtitles for them)!

Back in village, about 15-16 years ago, I would steal money from my father's pocket to go watch films in the only theater my village had. It would cost 5 rupees per ticket, I would get caught, get thrashed by him but couldn't let go of the habit.

I don't know why, but the emotions that run through me while watching filmsfills me up with immense joy, a kind of satisfaction I can't really describe!

I laugh, I cry, I rejoice, I clapat times I jump from my seat, I whistle, I shoutI make noises that annoy other viewers (although none of it is intentional, I guess I just lose myself while watching a film)in sort, I celebrate cinema the way it should be celebrated (according to me).

Although I try to contain myself when I'm inside the theater as much as I can, but I forget everything when I'm watching a film inside my house. And maybe that's the reason I like to go to movies aloneall by myself!

This world, my life wouldn't be the same for me had it not been for films!