Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Are The System!

By Sadho Ram

If the system is represented by the criminals or people who are charged under criminal offences, who therefore are elected by the society, which therefore is a result of who and what we are, than are we not the biggest of all criminals? We blame the politiciansthose who come to power courtesy our votesfor everything that is wrong with the country today, but we fail to see that we are the root cause of everything. We're the most corrupt. Hiding in plain sight, not letting go of even one opportunity where we get to put the blame on the politicians and how this system is being run.

For example, consider this:
If the system is a tree, the politicians its leafs and fruits, then we are indeed its root, and it is because of us, our apathy, ignorance and arrogance coupled with insane amount of regionalism, casteism, religious-favouritism that has resulted in the tree being forever shaken, leafs being perpetually dry and its fruits being horribly rotten.

What am I trying to say?

Don't blame. Period.

Want to do something? Then embrace the very blame and before stepping out to change the world, change yourself!

Even the Gandhi said something similar, didn't he?