Sunday, May 19, 2013

Condemn a Writer to Hell and When a Poet Dies. Rejoice. Celebrate!

By Sadho Ram

Writing is a profession of the downtrodden and despicables. For there is nothing more disgraceful than being a 'writer.' For writers are but the carrier of unfulfilled dreams and failed destinations. And, they deserve your strongest of contempt. Condemn them to hell (if such a place exists), or simply neglect them and they will die the very death they keep frightening you with.

And, there's nothing more disgusting a creature than a poet, you see. For a poet's imagination is the reason behind the sadness that prevails in other peoples lives. Precisely the reason why I keep saying that the lives of others depends on a poet and his illusionary imagination. Which is nothing but a sad, sad reality in this sadistic world.

You see what a poet does is not simply write poetry (which at times is shittier than the shittiest of shit the mankind produces in abundance every morning).

What a poet does is that he essentially cripples the mind of the people.

You will ask how?

Well, a poet makes you a slave to his words and stops you from thinking for yourself. And once you become a slave to a poet's work, you start depending on him for things you would never depend on others. For his words don't give wings to your imaginations. They only act as an illusion. It's his own imagination in which you are made to fly or something like that. You start depending on him in such a manner that you expect him to give words to your emotions, expressions to your motions, and tell you how things work. And I will be honest with you here, to me that is just pathetic.

So when a poet dies. Rejoice. Celebrate!

Throw a party and use the pages from his books as napkins, and before you toss the used pages away, make sure the words appear like as dark, unreadable blots. For that is the kind of respect he deserves. For you see, the day a poet is born, is the day mankind dies a death.

Therefore, do not ever mourn a poet. And, never cry for a writer whom you condemned to hell.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why A Pimp Deserves More Respect Than A Poet Should Ever Get!

By Sadho Ram

There are chances that a Pimp will have more respect for your money than a Poet will ever have for your emotions.

Agreed that the profession of a Pimp is to sell flesh―alive, breathing flesh that has been oppressed to satisfy the naked but natural hunger dwelling inside those dogs who walk the nights on two legs with another hanging in between. But the profession of a Poet is far more worse and loathsome.

You see, a poet not only uses your naivety to lure you in―therefore making you his slave, he even captures the most essential, the most important part of you―your mind and makes you his puppet, and then plays with your emotions in manners that even when you want to curse him, you end up appreciating the myth he created in front of your gullible eyes.

So you see, what a Pimp does is no doubt degradable and should be condemned to the very core of it, but what a Poet does for a living should invite the wretchedest of criticism. And while you condemn the profession of a Pimp (but not the Pimp himself), it IS the Poet himself that you should condemn and condemn like you have never condemned anything else (maybe even to death).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be In The Moment!

By Sadho Ram

Be in the moment. I'm learning to be. You too can try, it's not that hard, you see.

Smile when something good happens, cry when you feel down. Don't hold yourself back, don't put a leash on your emotions thinking that this moment will pass. It will, yes. But that doesn't mean you stop appreciating the moments in your life that makes you feel―be it anything, good or bad―doesn't matter!

What matters (and should only actually matter) is that you enjoy the very moment in which things may be perfect and not ruin it by contemplating that soon it will not be the same. I know it's damn hard to control the urge to not let the negativity do the waltz inside you, but until and unless you try, and try you with all that you hold inside, how can you succeed?

I mean things are never the same, are they? So shouldn't we focus our attention on the present situation (whatever it may be) and take it as it is?

Remember, life is what happens to you in the present when you're too busy making plans for future!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Will Be Judging You!

By Sadho Ram

I will judge you on the basis of what you do for a living and I will judge you on the premise of your thinking. I will judge you in every single step you taketo move ahead or to step back! I will judge you by the colour of your skin and by the tone of your voice and the manner in which you speak.

I will judge you in the light of the day and in the darkness of the night. I will judge you by the language in which you take pride and I will judge you by how you treat those who doesn't. I will judge you by the religion you follow, and by the beliefs you stand by. I will judge you for your godlessness. I will judge you by how you judge others. I will judge you in your worst. I will judge you in your best and I will judge you even in your mediocrity and by the hypocrisy you possess. I will judge you no matter.

For I am the society that commands and rules over you, and so I will judge you by the name you go by and I will judge you by who you claim to be and I will judge you for blaming others of being judgmental of you. I will judge you in your dreams and in your nightmares too. I will judge you in everything you do.

For I am the source where you come from, and so I will judge you by how you eat, walk and sleep. I will judge you for every whistle you blow. I will judge you when you are not wearing much and more so when you are fully covered.

I will judge you, I will judge you, yes, I will judge you ― whenever I so wish to do.

You tell me, what are you going to do?