Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be In The Moment!

By Sadho Ram

Be in the moment. I'm learning to be. You too can try, it's not that hard, you see.

Smile when something good happens, cry when you feel down. Don't hold yourself back, don't put a leash on your emotions thinking that this moment will pass. It will, yes. But that doesn't mean you stop appreciating the moments in your life that makes you feel―be it anything, good or bad―doesn't matter!

What matters (and should only actually matter) is that you enjoy the very moment in which things may be perfect and not ruin it by contemplating that soon it will not be the same. I know it's damn hard to control the urge to not let the negativity do the waltz inside you, but until and unless you try, and try you with all that you hold inside, how can you succeed?

I mean things are never the same, are they? So shouldn't we focus our attention on the present situation (whatever it may be) and take it as it is?

Remember, life is what happens to you in the present when you're too busy making plans for future!