Monday, June 10, 2013

Confessions of a Vile Mind [Part 2]

By Sadho Ram

The painful memories of my own violence that she became victim to, still disturbs my mind to the degree that at times I feel like ripping my head off my shoulder. Those hours and days that I wasted fighting with her over my own incompetency and immaturity, haunts me now and shakes my core to its very existence. I made her burn in guilt and regret over things that she didn't commit and because I was a hypocrite to begin with, now the very realization of it burns me and my eyes everyday and night. To keep myself sane, to keep myself going, I keep myself busy and occupied in work like nothing else matters to me. Like I'm some kind of fucking hero. Well, bullshit. All I'm is a bloody, filthy swine!

Main kaise bataun tumhe
main kya hoon
aur kis hadd tak gira hoon!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Ever Futile Search For Substitutes

By Sadho Ram

Strange kind of species we are – we humans! Always crying and moaning over the gone era. Always reminiscing about the time went by. Almost living in the past we are. We cry over the fact that no one writes letter these days. But we forget another fact, much stronger – that we are now more connected to each of those people who matters to us, and also connected to the world like never before.

The news of our loved one’s reaches to us in an instant. We now don’t have to wait for weeks and months to hear from them. They are just a call or a message away, always at reach. Though far but still near, almost as if close, as close as we want them to be.

I’m aware though that the kind of emotions letters often carried is lost due to our today’s instant messaging, but then aren't we ourselves are responsible for it?

Our hunger, which can well be called as vulgar greed for more, makes us blind. So blind that in our attempt to explore, we go to such length and height that we actually become monsters, and eat away what gives us satisfaction and then search for substitutes in the name of betterment. But there is no substitute for such stuff in life. There never was, there never will.

So either embrace the new sun or die sulking. The choice is yours, because whatever happens here, you are included. For if this is a crime, then yes, you are a partner-in-crime!

..and oh, you cannot exist by trying to escape the reality, and the sooner you realize the better you will be able to embrace the world as it is!