Monday, June 10, 2013

Confessions of a Vile Mind [Part 2]

By Sadho Ram

The painful memories of my own violence that she became victim to, still disturbs my mind to the degree that at times I feel like ripping my head off my shoulder. Those hours and days that I wasted fighting with her over my own incompetency and immaturity, haunts me now and shakes my core to its very existence. I made her burn in guilt and regret over things that she didn't commit and because I was a hypocrite to begin with, now the very realization of it burns me and my eyes everyday and night. To keep myself sane, to keep myself going, I keep myself busy and occupied in work like nothing else matters to me. Like I'm some kind of fucking hero. Well, bullshit. All I'm is a bloody, filthy swine!

Main kaise bataun tumhe
main kya hoon
aur kis hadd tak gira hoon!