Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Of Vultures of The World and Lovesick Crow!

By Sadho Ram

‘When the ‘sexed’ vultures of the world are eyeing the cuckoo,’ I said to my friend, ‘She doesn't fall for the ‘love-sick’ crow.’

‘Crow?’ asks the friend.

‘Yes, you idiot, that's me.’

Hell, the ‘crow’ still makes an effort though, however lame it is. And then vultures yell and the ‘horny-ies’ bark- ‘bow, bow... look at him! Got what he deserved. (bow, bow, and bow) instead of kissing she pissed on him, bloody piss-taker... bow, bow.’

I howl back ‘fuck-woof, you bastards.’

‘Damn, have I become an animal too?’ I then think. Yes, yes, yes... that's what her ‘socially cultured’ rejection has caused. A loud cry of pain erupted within and an animal was aroused. Ho, Ho, Ho, Haw, Haw, Oo-hoooo!

‘Is it a crime to like a ‘blue legged’ bitch? Or is appreciating her is committing a sin?’ The animal in me now gets thinking.


‘You see now, O’Dea’ friend, what the ‘... cultured’ rejection has found? The ‘creepy & awkward’ animal which eats ‘sweet candy floss’ gets profound.’ Oo-hoooo!

‘So, what’s the end conclusion, my animal friend?’ – Inquires the sane.

One of the vultures gets the cuckoo,
Takes her high on his flight, yuhoo!
Then ignores her plight
And bangs her tight!

‘That, my friend, is my version of conclusion, mixed with total jealousy and oozing hatred as perfect solution.’