Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Comment On How We Make Anything A Norm In This Society

By Sadho Ram

Sexist representation of women is not something that is new. In fact it's so widely and regularly done, that most of the times we don't perceive it as sexist. And when we do, we either try to ignore it or simply shrug it off as 'it goes' attitude (and for those who object, we tell them to have a sense of humour).
You see, that's the thing about how such things -- things that never should have happened in the first place -- become a norm in the eyes of the society.
Every sexist representation of women that -- we accept, ignore, shrug off OR lecture others to have a sense of humour about -- only adds to the norm. It only, each time with more authority, establishes it as something that's not wrong, something that's cool and something that is not happening, because that's what every sexist representation of women tries to prove.
And, it won't stop. Because, thanks to each one of us, sexism has indeed been made to appear as if it doesn't happen anymore. Or so it seems.

And that's how you make a norm.