Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Profound Realisation In The (Prolonged) Moment Of Crisis...

By Sadho Ram

Sometimes, it so happens, I'm not sure about things that I do on daily basis. But, again as it so happens, this feeling of being uncertain doesn't last long enough to warrant any additional thinking.

Like for example: the futility of taking a bathe everyday.

PS: That's a sadhu, not Sadho.
Now this is a feeling I encounter when its just another option for me. But as soon as this option turns into a privilege, the very feelings of being uncertain departs my mind as a soul would body.

So, now that due to unmanaged circumstances, I am rendered out of taking bathe everyday, I realize that there's no futility to it. That how essential it is not just for body but also for mind and our emotions. I not only understand the profound impact a normal shower can have on us but also accept that I've been a baboon whenever I thought that there's nothing more futile than taking a shower. Sigh!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Another Monday Afternoon..

By Sadho Ram

I look forward to my Mondays as others may look forward to their Sundays. Its the day when I can choose to stay in bed for as long as I want and not worry about anything. Some days the Mondays are exciting, some days dull. It's a natural cycle.

Today is Monday. I am inside the quilt, reading Hanif Kureishi's 'The Last Word', a brilliant novel about an aspiring writer paid to write a biography of a larger than life writer.

N is sleeping next to me with her face resting on my right arm, while her right arm resting comfortably on my stomach. It feels good to have her by my side while I am lost in the world of my own. Relaxed, calm and in the moment to experience its comfort. N's warm breath feels soothing, almost like as if caressing.

She woke up for a second, apologized for dozing off, turned towards the other side, while putting her left arm on my thighs and going back to sleep again. I look at her, and go back to reading the novel, while waiting for the engineer from LG to come to repair the microwave at my place.