Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trust Me When I Say, You'll Be Wasting Your Time By Reading This

By Sadho Ram

I cannot count the number of times I have wondered how would my life be had I been speech-disabled. There have been so many occasions where I have regretted having the ability to speak.

Now, this is in no way a proof that I don't value it. It's just that there's this constant feeling inside which makes me wonder about the (im)possibility of such a life.

I mean, what use of such an ability which only hurts the ones I care about? More or less, it has been the case that whenever I have opened my mouth, I have uttered something vile or disgraceful for the ones I love and have loved.

There have also been times, where I have actually considered the very possibility of impairing my speech by myself. And the strange fact is that the thought doesn't scare me even one bit. It somehow seems like an ideal way to keep my unwarranted anger inside. Because it is something, which has only ruined the good stuff in my life so far, and I'm sure it will in future too.

Or, maybe I should train my mind to be in control and not wander.

But, the very idea of being speech-disabled is so fascinating to me, it almost makes me want to rip apart from venom-spewing tongue out of my mouth and wonder what the heck did I just do!

Maybe, one day I actually will..

PS: The sketches are totally not related to the whole thing. The whole thing, as I said in the heading itself, was a total time-waster.