Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today They've Murdered Cartoonists, Tomorrow They Will Come After You

Regardless of how racist, Islamophobic and arrogant, as its being suggested, reported and said across the sphere of Internet today, the reporting and publishing of Charlie Hebdo Officiel is or was, what happened on 7 January should not be justified. Not by saying 'oh, they were racist in their portrayal,' or 'their cartoons reeked of Islamophobia' and blah and blah.

So what IF it was?

Secondly, regardless of whether you agree with the notion of free speech or not, or how you may feel the liberals (west in particular) use it to and for the profit of their hidden agenda (whatever that is), those cartoonists (and others with them) did not deserve to be shot dead for it.

So what IF they mocked Islam?

Moreover, if you feel (because let's face it you are really not the thinking kind) that people -- who offend you with their wit, sarcasm or through the portray of caricaturing someone or something you hold high -- need to be taught a lesson for their such acts and the lesson is that they be massacred by the self-proclaimed managers of such overly sensitive deities, you really need to start analysing whether what you are feeling is derived out of your own incompetence to comprehend that if your religion can be shaken by a mere piece of cartoon than your faith in your religion is catastrophically misplaced.

In the end, try to feel (because as I said before you really are not the thinking kind) beyond the bullshit of religion and what it tells you to do and feel. Do try! Because if keepers of religion can murder cartoonists today, tomorrow they won't even blink an eye before murdering you, whether or not you drew something.

By David Pope
And as a friend tweeted earlier, "Cafe goers, school children, cartoonists. No one is spared." - is this what religion teaches? To kill?